The "Monteith" Patina Whole Cut

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The "Monteith" Is A Artisan -Hand Made Patina Wholecut Pattern Leather Shoe. It Features A Rounded Toe for Traditional English Look, Making It A Timeless Dapper Shoe Style.

Materials: cognac crust patina

Lining: brown calf leather

Sole: cognac leather sole plain

Often considered the most formal men's shoe available, the Wholecut features closed channel lacing and is made from a single cut of leather. The sleek design and limited stitching make for an elegant and highly sought-after style.

Artisan-Hand Made Patina: The technique used to achieve this artwork is known as ‘Anticatura’, which is the Italian word for antique finishing. It is a specialty of Italian and French maestro shoemakers. Entrusted to the hands of the antique finisher, the upper part of the shoe becomes a work of art. The Anticatura method is a hand dyeing procedure of leather. It takes about 8-10 hours of work per pair to create a completely unique patina with an aged effect.

 (This Item Is Hand Made In Spain)